Webinar 7 December 2023, 18:30 (NL time)/13:30 (Bon time):


Join the conversation with commisioner Anjelica Cicilia, where we’ll talk about the latest developments Bonaire. What challenges is Bonaire currently facing? What contribution can you make as a young professional living abroad? What opportunities are there to develop yourself as an entrepreneur? We’ll also have a Q&A with Anjelica!

Hear firsthand from our guest speakers who will share their journey, the highs, lows, and the passion driving their contribution to Bonaire. Tatiana Nicolaas will be joining us and sharing her story. She stated: “becoming an entrepreneur was a life long dream. I had a specific vision that I wanted to put to the test on Bonaire and despite the challenges of adapting to the culture and mindset, I stayed true to myself. I stayed true to the vision and its success was the best reward.”

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The Youth Enterprise Program kickoff

The Youth Enterprise Program (YEP) is off to an amazing start! 🚀
On Wednesday September 27th, we launched this initiative in The Hague, focusing on encouraging entrepreneurship specifically for Bonaire. We’ve created a website, a series of workshops, and a philosophy that places collectivity at its core. What can one entrepreneur learn from another, and how can we strengthen each other?

During the kickoff, we explored core values; what does prosperity really mean? How to design your life? What valuable assets do our islands have? Being together and exchanging ideas sparked unity and inspiration for our young Caribbean audience🌟

More events are on the way, stay tuned for updates!

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