Our vision

A self-reliant Caribbean ecosystem based on collaboration, circular economics and shared values


The Youth Enterprise Program (YEP) is an educational program designed to encourage entrepreneurship among Caribbean youth on Bonaire. This applies to both Caribbean youth and young professionals residing in Bonaire, as well as those living abroad.

In collaboration with Stichting WeConnect, we aim to provide you with a program that empowers you with skills and knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal growth. Learn more about The Program.

With events like workshops and networking events, we aim to boost entrepreneurship on Bonaire and provide insight into interesting vacancies and business opportunities on the island.

The Youth Enterprise program is an initiative by Stichting WeConnect.

Sponsored by The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB).


Empowering Caribbean youth through education, we aim to equip them with essential skills, nurturing their entrepreneurial mindset

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